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DayStrider: The Time Traveler's Treat

Truman Pastworthy

If you are naturally curious, a tad nostalgic, and your range of interests is diverse, then DayStrider is the podcast for you.  Wanna satisfy that 'itchy' need to learn but with a 'scratch' that's laid-back and enjoyable?  A delightful dose of lighthearted and fun stories about this day in the past will make you feel better, become a bit smarter - and you'll have a handy icebreaker to glide right through any uncomfortable social moments you encounter!  Added perk:  each day's path varies - but the journey is always the same great experience.  

Each episode will transport you via storytelling to three different historical events, amazing discoveries or special inventions that happened on this day in the past.  These 10 minute stories are sure to make you grin - and will definitely surprise you with a tidbit that you had never heard before!  Bonus content at the end includes brief bio's of some famous folks born on this day as well as customized gift ideas for your someone special who's got today circled on their calendar.

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